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Come visit the Oddhaus Vintage Pop Up Shop in Luxembourg!

Oddhaus Vintage is proud to announce that we have a physical Pop Up Shop from now until the end of April. We took over a very cute little corner inside the Secondhand4Sale boutique in Bereldange and we invite you to pass by and discover some of our products. After a fun and successful opening event last Saturday the 11th, we are excited to show you some of our weird and wonderful treasures currently displayed at our Oddhaus Vintage installation.  From beautiful bohemian sunburst mirrors, to modernist lamps, vintage suitcases, original ceramics, rattan and brass curiosities, to the stunning mint sofa that is the highlight of our little nook, there is something in there for everyone! Drop me a line at...

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Welcome to the Oddhaus, the weirdest little shop in Luxembourg

After many long months of planning and preparation, the Oddhaus is finally here! Although I am painfully aware of all the ways in which this site is less than perfect, at one point you just have to launch, rough edges and all. The idea of this shop started a few years ago when I was looking for vintage furniture to decorate my new apartment and I couldn't find anything for my budget in the local shops. After many many weekends scouring flea markets and dusty cellars covered in spiderwebs, dragging home the weirdest stuff, my collection of assorted body parts and brass insects was starting to take over the house and  I thought it was time to expand my bizarro...

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